Configuring a 2N Helios IP door entry phone

Estimated reading time: 1 minute

  1. Manually add the phone to the PABX. The type does not strictly matter, but we suggest setting it as softphone/generic. Screenshot of the new phone page on the PABX
  2. After creating the phone, browse to the phone on the system to get the SIP username and password. Use that in the Services / Phone / SIP 1 menu on the device. Use the values in the screenshot below, replacing “” with the PABX’s hostname, “2nheliosdoorphone” with the SIP username, and the SIP password in the password field. Screenshot of the SIP identity page
  3. Browse across to the Calls tab (still under Services / Phone) and configure it as shown below. (This allows the device to be called and act as if someone had pushed the button.) Setting up SIP auto pickup of calls
  4. Go Directory / Users / 1 and add the extension you wish to dial when the button is pressed. Configuration of the directory
  5. Enter the name of entry you created in the previous step into Hardware / Buttons. Note: this field doesn’t support a direct entry of an extension, and must use a directory entry. Configuration of the quick dial buttons

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