Dect Solutions

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N300 IP / N510 IP PRO

The N300 and N510 IP PRO are low-end DECT base stations which can support up to 6 handsets. The standard DECT range applies (radio frequency range 1880-1900 MHz), and a choice of handsets are available from Gigaset. Features will vary by handset, and base stations will only support certain handsets. Please refer to Gigaset for valid combinations and base station specification.


Always update the base station to the latest firmware first. It should be able to provision on the local LAN (connected to the PBX) with an active PnP server. However, recent firmware versions have made this fail part way through the provisioning process. This can be resolved by setting the config URL to the below.



  • Cost effective and can install many bases if required.
  • Can support DECT range extenders.


  • Low capacity.
  • Low range.
  • Not greatly extendible.
  • Unreliable provisioning.
  • No address book sync.
  • No HTTPS and TLS support.

N720 IP PRO / N870 IP PRO

A distributed DECT solution supporting up to 100 handsets (N720) or 250 handsets (N870), depending on the configuration. The DECT manager is provisioned against the PBX, and then sub-nodes are distributed over the area requiring DECT coverage. All nodes are network connected and must be able to “see” each other, both via DECT and via LAN.


Initial provisioning will configure a 10-handset setup. Much like Gigasets lower end models, auto-provisioning is not reliable. It’s easier to add the configuration URL manually.

The N720 doesn’t support HTTPS provisioning but the N870 does.