Configuring a Sangoma Vega analogue gateway

Estimated reading time: 3 minutes


  • Screenshots are from the Vega60G v2 8xFXS, but should apply to larger devices.
  • Only FXS ports are considered in this document. FXO ports are not supported.
  • The following instructions assume a Vega with factory settings.
  • In a future version of the PBX (6.5.14+), it is possible to use the auto-config instructions.

Auto config (PBX version 6.5.14+)

  1. Browse to the PBX web interface and log in as an admin or ‘sys’ user.
  2. Edit the URL to be: http://pabx/admin/vega.whtm/xxxxxxxxxxxx where the ‘x’ characters are replaced by the MAC address of the vega device (The device must already have been added as per instructions in the long-hand setup below).
  3. Save the contents of that file to a text file. Note: use copy/paste of the web page to do this as File/Save in the browser does not always work.
  4. Use the upload page of the vega to install the config: System Maintenance Page

Step-by-step guide

  1. Manually add the phone to the PABX. The type for the Vega gateway is available from PBX software version 6.5.11 and higher. Physical Phone Maintenance
  2. After creating the phone, browse to the web interface on the Vega gateway. The default login is admin / admin. Select the “Quick Config” option, and select UK options as filled below: Quick Config
  3. Click next and fill the PBX details, and change the code selections at the bottom of the page -= Ot is important to select “FXS Port” as the registration mode: Quick Config
  4. Click next and fill in authentication details for each port in the rightmost 2 columns - This information can be found on the PBX System/Phones page by clicking the spyglass icon next to the Vega device. Tick ‘New install’ and click save. Vega screen: Quick Config PABX screen: Physical Phone Maintenance
  5. At this point, all ports that had a username and password provided should register with the PBX. This can be checked on the Monitor/Panel screen.
  6. It is necessary to edit the aLaw profile to use a packet time of 20ms, rather than the Vega default of 30ms. This is done on the Expert/Media page. NB: The uLaw value should be 20ms already, but should be corrected if not. Media
  7. Select to “Apply” if offered. Select to “Save” if offered. Select to “Reboot” if offered.
  8. The next step can be time consuming. Manually, set the SIP Registration DN to match the number set in the quick-setup as follows: SIP registration