64-Bit Software

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64-bit versions of the IPCortex PABX software is now available. All PABX units running 6.4.9 or higher and running on 64-bit hardware are eligible for 64-bit upgrades.

Important note for Hyper-V users

Please note that it is not possible to upgrade PABX units hosted on Hyper-V to 6.4 - which is required to run 64-bit - due to 32-bit kernel issue preventing it from booting. You must redeploy a new VM image, which is now 64-bit by default. They are available from the virtual images page.


  1. Refresh the firmware list and upgrade to the latest version of the IPCortex PABX firmware. (You must be running 6.4.9 or higher, but we recommend the latest release available.)
  2. Go to system > upgrades and select the Select 64-bit upgrades button, then refresh the firmware list again. Note: if you are running 6.4.9 or higher and no button shows, your hardware or virtual machine is 32-bit only and therefore cannot be upgraded to 64-bit. Please contact your account manager to discuss your options.
  3. Download the latest available firmware for your system, install, and reboot.

Upgrade path to 6.5.8 for older versions

If your PBX is currently running a software version at 6.3 or lower, please follow the below upgrade path.

  1. Download and install 6.4.29 32-bit.
  2. Reboot the PBX.
  3. Download and install 6.5.0 32-bit.
  4. Reboot the PBX.
  5. Select the 64-bit image selection. This is found at the top of the upgrade page. See below.

  1. Download and install 6.5.8 64-bit.
  2. Reboot the PBX.
  3. To confirm that you are running a 64-bit image, see below.

Note: This section will be updated for future releases if the recommended upgrade path changes.