Zoho Phonebridge

This article details the integration features and the steps required to integrate your IPCortex phone system (PBX) with the Zoho suite of business applications.

The integration between Zoho and your IPCortex phone system will provide you with the following capabilities:

  • Click-to-dial from within Zoho applications. A clickable phone icon will appear next to phone numbers within Zoho; this enables you to autodial from your preferred handset.


  • Screen pop functionality for both inbound and outbound calls providing contact details and note taking facility.


  • Automatic call reports attached to contact records within Zoho CRM.


Requirements: Your PBX must be version 6.5.0 or later of the system firmware in order to integrate with Zoho applications. If you have an On-Premises PBX it must be accessible from the Internet. The following steps are required to enable and configure the integration:

  1. Contact your authorised reseller to enable the integration.
  2. Individual users then enable the Phonebridge integration and to select their preferred outbound handset.

Enable the IPCortex Phonebridge integration

Please contact your authorised reseller via your usual support channel and request access to the Phonebridge integration. You will need to provide them with the following information:

  • The server name (URL) of the PBX that is hosting your company.
  • If you’re on a multi tenant box then the company name within this PBX for your organisation.

They will authorise the application through IPCortex and then inform you when you can move to the next step in the process.

Individual user access to the integration

The Zoho Phonebridge integration requires that each person in an organisation enable the integration for their account, rather than this being an organisation wide process. Each Zoho user controls the integration through the IPCortex Phonebridge web application page.

  • Visit the IPCortex web application page (https://zohopbx.ipcortex.com)

  • Enter the server name for your PABX. For example mypbx.myorg.com.

  • Enter your PBX user name and password and login.


The IPCortex Phonebridge will send an authorisation request to Zoho. At this point you will be asked (by Zoho) to confirm that you want to enable the application. Once you’ve done this you will be redirected back to the IPCortex application and be presented with a configuration screen. The controls on that screen will depend on how your administrator has configured the application:




Where the user has more than one handset assigned to them, as in this example, choose one of those to be the ‘calling device’ for outgoing click-to-dial requests.

If you have Keevio softphone enabled, then “Launch Softphone” button will launch keevio in a new browser window.

By default both the integration and click-to-dial are enabled as soon as the application is authenticated against Zoho.