Keevio tutorials

Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

Keevio extends sophisticated UC and multimedia functionality to the web browser, so you can contact anyone, on any device, from anywhere. Enjoy effortless multimedia conversations and conferences with colleagues and customers alike - no special software required.


The lines panel shows each line that a user has access to, and provides a way to initiate, accept and transfer calls. In this video, we explain how to:

  • Make a call using Keevio phone and a desk phone
  • Hang up on a call
  • Manage inbound calls
  • Use hold and auto hold
  • Transfer calls (attended and unattended/blind)
  • Access voicemail
  • Opt in and out of lines
  • Choose a default line


The contacts panel is the central point of most actions completed via Keevio, making it easy engage with people no matter whether they’re an internal or external contact. This video demonstrates how to:

  • Make calls via the dialling pad
  • Drag and drop from your Keevio contacts to initiate calls
  • Identify the different status icons
  • Use contact cards
  • Manage your Keevio address book
  • Monitor and pick up colleagues’ calls

Keevio share and chat

Keevio share and chat makes it easy to video chat, screen share, file share and chat. In this video, we explain how to:

  • Start a new session with internal and external contacts
  • Initiate multiple conversations at the same time
  • Join in with and add additional participants to an existing keevio chat or share session
  • Receive new event notifications
  • Video chat, screen share and file share


The history panel supplements Keevio’s calling features by making it easy to view the recent calling history of your native and group lines. This video shows:

  • How to read the call history to identify missed and answered calls
  • How to make a call using a number from your call history
  • How to filter your call history by one contact
  • How to create new contacts in your Keevio address book by using entries from the call history

Settings and status

The top area of Keevio allows you to change your status and your settings. This video details:

  • How to set your status
  • How to use the auto answer setting
  • How to use auto hold
  • Change your notification settings
  • Keevio layout options
  • Chat permissions