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Built-in short codes which may be dialed from any phone registered with the PABX are:

*0<ext>Connect directly to voicemail for , doesn’t ring the phone.
**1Hot desk. Bring my extension here feature.
**2Hot desk. Release this phone.
**40Voicemail access shortcode
**42xSet or clear auto-unavailable mode. x=0 to clear, 1-6 to select one of ‘on holiday’, ‘on vacation’, ‘in a meeting’, ‘not reachable’, ‘unavailable’, ‘out of office’ respectively. If ‘x’ is not entered, a list is presented.
**47Toggle extension opt-out on current phone and line
**47xxxToggle extension opt-out of extension xxx on current phone.
**470In default mode: Clear all extension opt-outs on current phone. In toggle mode: Alternate between clearing and setting all extension opt-outs on current phone. Default/toggle mode is set as a global default.
**47*Read back current opt-out status of line
**48Queue unpause (used to cancel auto-pause)
**5Set a call forward (fork or deflect)
**6Remove a call forward (fork or deflect)
**7nForce off night mode n: n=0 for nightmode 10
**8nForce on night mode n
**9nResume schedule night mode n
**7Force off all night modes
**8Force on all night modes
**9Resume schedule all night modes
*8Pickup a ringing phone in your call group.
*8xxxDirected pickup - pickup ringing extension number.
*9xxxCall Barge - listen in on extension. Requesting phone must have access level All numbers (Super phone)
#01#xxRecord IVR menu message.
#02#xxPlay back IVR menu message.
#02#xx=[0-5] Playback hold music group x
In-call codeDescription
*1Not strictly a shortcode, but used within a call on a handset enabled for one touch record starts a call recording.
*0If this feature has been enabled, then during a recorded call, dialling this sequence will stop recording. There is currently no simple short code mechanism to resume a recording that has been stopped using this method.
*4As an alternative to stopping the recording, pause the recording for resumption later.
*6Resume a paused call recording. If no recordings have been paused then this will have no effect.
##During an external access call that has been made with the repeat option, dialling “##” will hang up the current call and return the caller to the relevant part of the PABX call flow.

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