Installing the Hyper-V image

Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

If you haven’t already, you can download the Hyper-V image from here: Download the Hyper-V image

Due to the limitation of Hyper-V not supporting OVA’s or OVF’s we’ll need to manually attach the second and third dsik for a standard and pro virtual PBX, as well as setting the database and voicemail/call recording partitions. You’ll only need to install the OS drive we supply via the download link if you have purchased a micro licence. Following the below steps will take you through everything you need to do to set this up.

Installing the image

  1. Add a new virtual image and follow the setup wizard.

  2. Once you reach specify generation you’ll need to select generation 1 as we are installing a virtual hard disk (.vhd).

Hyper-V Install

  1. After you have speicified your VM generation we’ll need to assign the memory capacity to the VM. Please follow the minimum and recommended system requirements found on the download page: Download the Virtual Edition PBX

Hyper-V Install

  1. Attach the virtual hard disk by browsing to it’s directory.

Hyper-V Install

  1. You can then click finish to finialise the install.

Attaching the drives

  1. Locate the IDE controller for the PBX virtual image and add the second disk if you are installing a standard or a pro. This drive will be responsible for the database.

Hyper-V Attaching the drives

  1. Once the second disk has been added to IDE controller 0, click it and then click new. This will take you to the virtual hard disk wizard.

Hyper-V Attaching the drives

  1. When given the option to choose disk format, select VHD.

Hyper-V Attaching the drives

  1. Afterwards select fixed size for your virtual hard disk.

Hyper-V Attaching the drives

  1. You can now name the virtual hard disk and choose the directory where it can be located. You’ll need to make sure it’s stored in the same directory as the OS drive.

Hyper-V Attaching the drives

  1. You will now need to set the size of the disk. For a standard you’ll need to set the database disk to 10GB and for a pro 20GB.

Hyper-V Attaching the drives

  1. Now click next and then finish to install the new disk.

  2. Once the second disk has been installed you will now need to install the third disk following the above steps. Please note the third disk will need to be added to IDE controller 1. This disk is responsible for voicemail and call recordings. For a standard we would recommend a minimum of 50GB and a pro with a minimum of 480GB. We only need the 50GB disk for a standard due to call recording not being enabled on a standard.

Setting the partitions

  1. Boot the PBX and access the root prompt through the PABX admin dialog interface.

  2. To set the database and recordings/voicemail paritions run There will be a lot of output and the occasional confirmation by pressing y.

  3. Afterwards reboot the PBX so the changes made by can take a effect.